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  • Conference Schedule

  • DAY 1:

    Open Banking is the Future of Finance

  • DAY 2:

    Fintech & FSI collaboration

  • DAY 3:

    Technology, Capital and The Reshaping of Fintech

  • Summit Schedule 2025

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  • Speaker: Andrew Boyd, General Manager & Head of Digital Native Business, AWS

  • Senator Andrew Bragg, Chair - Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology

  • Fred Schebesta, Founder, Finder

  • Lisa Schutz, Founder & CEO, Verifier
    Jill Berry, CEO, Adatree
    Helder Klemp, Co-Founder & CEO, DNX
    Alexandra Jurmann, Client Solutions Architect - Cloud One, Trend Micro (Confirmed)
    Darren Booth, Partner, Partner, National Head of Cyber Security & Privacy Risk Services, RSM (Confirmed)
    MC/Chair: Dave Engel, AWS

  • Q&A with Scott Farrell, Partner, KWM, and lead of the Commonwealth Government’s Inquiry into the Future of the Consumer Data Right (CDR)

  • Brenton Charnley, Country Manager, Australia, Truelayer
    Damir Cuca, CEO & Founder, BASIQ
    Simon Docherty, Head of Sales, Frollo
    Tim Poskitt, Country Manager ANZ, Envestnet Yodlee
    MC/Chair: Tonia Berglund, Director of Product (Open Banking), Envestnet Yodlee

  • Paul Weingarth, Co-Founder, SLYP
    Drew Unsworth, Executive B&PB Digital, NAB

  • Tim Dickenson, Co-CEO; and Rimal Gokani, Co-CEO of Assembly Payments, discuss their collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank

  • Josh Foreman, CEO, Indebted
    Shahirah Gardner, Co-founder, Finch
    David Link, CEO, Verrency

  • Simon Costello, CEO, Frankie One
    Macgregor Duncan, General Manager, Westpac

  • Lee Hatton, SVP New Platforms, Afterpay

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  • Daniel Cannizzaro, CEO, Parpera (Crowdfunding)
    Naby Maryam, Founder, Coverhero (Angel)
    Anthony Nantes, CEO, Wisr (Public Markets)

  • Josh Shipman, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Elula
    Sarah Russell, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Elula

  • Cathy Lyall, Seed Space Venture Capital
    Simon Cant – Reinventure
    Kylie Frazer – Eleanor Ventures

  • Ryan Edwards-Pritchard, Co-Founder & CEO, Cape
    Oliver Kidd, Founder & CEO, Archa
    Daniel Kniaz, Founder & CEO, DiviPay

  • Nathan Walsh, Founder & CEO, Athena Homeloans
    Jacqui Colwell, Chief Risk Officer, Judo Bank
    Rachel Gatehouse, COO & CFO, Brighte
    Sudhir Bakre, Chief Credit Officer, SocietyOne
    MC: Dave Fodor, AWS

  • What does it take to “Be Bold” in Australia’s banking world?
    How can challenger banks deliver better services?
    How can Avenue Bank do different and scale?

  • Challengers need products that people understand (loans, mortgages, accounts) but to do things differently to get competitive advantage at scale (such as technology choices, distribution etc); what does this mean in practice? What are the challenges with innovation and partnerships?

  • Younger generations are significantly influencing societal shifts in attitudes and behaviours; finance is no exception. How can banks and fintechs harness key trends to stay relevant for tomorrow’s consumers?

  • Who will deliver the Super App? It may not be who we think!

    Technology enables different sectors to deliver financial services. Perspectives on who can deliver value to customers for financial services. Who ‘owns’ the super app in the mind of consumers, and who is making headway with the new approaches to the super app?

  • How data is driving innovation and solving real consumer use cases?

    How data and open banking are driving innovation in the finance sector:
    - How has customer and business data and open banking allowed innovation?
    - How has Bank data on bank products allowed innovation?
    - Future of open banking and what impact will it have?

  • FinTech Case Study: Exits/Liquidity events

    How Paytron and OFX managed the acquisition; how Self Wealth Founder created LIQUIDISE to help Founders

    In this panel session, Paytron set out how and why they exited the business to ASX listed OFX, what was involved and why it made sense for both parties. LIQUIDISE Founder discusses his journey with SelfWealth, lessons learned and how these motivated him to create LIQUIDISE to help Founders/ESOP holders to sell equity.

  • Funding the FinTech/Challenger banking Revolution

    This session brings the key backers of innovation to the table to discuss what matters to investors, as well as key trends in fintech investing, such as technology trends, and the latest on valuations, metrics and deal structures.

  • Topic & Speakers TBC

  • FinTech, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Financial Services

    Consumers are targeted with investment scams, dating scams and false billing scams, leaving them embarrassed and often financially compromised. How can FinTech combat scams and Identity Theft? From giving consumers an easy way to protect their credit reports to creating a secure digital identity, this panel explores how technology is helping financial services.