About Us / The 3rd FinTech Summit 2016


Tuesday 15th November 2016


Ashurst; The Ashurst Ballroom, Level 11, 5 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000


About the 3rd FinTech Summit 2016

We are very excited to be running the 3rd Annual FinTech Summit, and delighted to be partnering with global law firm and fintech experts, Ashurst.

The FinTech Summit brings together the influential, disruptive and innovative technology companies that are redefining financial services across all areas of fintech: lending, payments, big data, crypto, blockchain, insurance & InsureTech, security, personal finance & robo-advice; and we’ll also be covering bank-fintech collaboration, funding from Seed level to VC to IPO and beyond.

We put FinTech firms and FinTech entrepreneurs first. This event is for fintech startups and entrepreneurs, as well as the ‘eco-system’ of fintech, including finance professionals, investors, bankers, lawyers, communicators, PRs, advertisers and brand builders and media professionals. The FinTech Summit and The FinTech Awards are owned and organised by Frocomm Australia; we are independent of any association, and our agenda is simple: we champion fintech.

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Program / The 3rd FinTech Summit 2016

DATE: Tuesday 15th November 2016

Venue: Ashurst Ballroom, Level 11, 5 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000

9:00am – 9:15am Opening remarks: The FinTech Summit and The FinTech Opportunity
9:15am – 10:00am FinTech Industry Keynote: Partnerships between FinTech and Banks
Jason Yetton, CEO, SocietyOne
10:00am – 10:30am New opportunities for retail investors: the BRICKX story
Markus Kahlbetzer, Founder & Executive Chairman, BRICKX
Anthony Millet, CEO, BRICKX
10:30am – 11:00am MORNING BREAK
11:00am – 11:30pm How partnerships will drive change in financial services
Vincent Turner, CEO, uno
Jost Stollmann, CEO, Tyro Payments
Olga Oleinikova, Co-Founder & CEO, PERSOLLO
11:30pm – 12:30pm “We Are Not A Bank – but collectively we offer everything a bank does”
Panel session: The evolution of FinTech
Chris Brycki, Founder & CEO, Stockspot
Mike Culhane, Co-Group CEO, Pepper Group
Brendan Malone, COO, Acorns Australia
Clayton Howes, CEO & Co-Founder, MoneyMe Financial Group
12:30am – 01:30pm LUNCH BREAK
AFTERNOON SESSIONS: Delegates select a stream
1:45pm – 2:45pm 1st Afternoon session: Delegates select a stream
After: Delegates return to the Ashurst Ballroom for the Closing Keynote Address
STREAM 1 (Main Ballroom) Blockchain & Smart Contracts
1:45pm – 2:45pm How the SSX will be “Australia’s NASDAQ”
(This session will include a demonstration of the SSX Blockchain equity settlement service)
Loretta Joseph, Advisor, Sydney Stock Exchange
David Lawrence, COO, Sydney Stock Exchange
Chair/MC: Martin McCann, CEO, TradeLedger
STREAM 2 Funding the FinTech Revolution
1:45pm – 2:45pm Toby Heap, Co-Founder, H2Ocean
Melissa Widner, General Partner, NAB Ventures
Edward Jones, Director, Neu.Capital
Chair/MC: Darren Patterson, Managing Partner, Alchemy Ventures
STREAM 3 Innovation and Disruption
1:45pm – 2:45pm How can FinTechs compete with the Banks? Topics the panel will discuss include: ‘Reg-Tech’ aka Regulatory, IP & Legal considerations, Funding options, and Revenue Growth strategies
David Jackson, Founder & CEO, FundX
Tim Brookes, Partner, Ashurst
Damien Vasta, Managing Director, Sniip
Chair/MC: Brad Delamare, CEO, Tank Stream Labs

STREAM 4 Wealth Services, Robo-Advice & Personalised Finance
1:45pm – 2:45pm New approaches & regulatory update for wealth creation services and robo-advice:
Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth
Patrick Garrett, CEO, Six Park Asset Management
John O’Connell, Chief Investment Officer, Banking & Financial Services, Macquarie Group
Chair: Rick Klink, Executive Director, OpenMarkets Australia
Digital Sovereignty Will Empower Customers
3:30am – 4:30am The Bank-Customer Paradigm is going to change
Once upon a time, you were a customer of the bank; in the future, the bank will be your customer. Digital Sovereignty and the ability for an individual to control their digital identity and data will give power to the consumer, and banks will need to adapt to the rise of the empowered consumer.
Katryna Dow, Founder and CEO, Meeco

 6pm to 9pm Delegate Networking Drinks Function
Sponsored by Macquarie Bank
Food and drinks will be served
Venue: Macquarie Bank, Auditorium, 50 Martin Place, Sydney

Event Speakers / Media Coverage

Jason Yetton, CEO, SocietyOne

Markus Kahlbetzer, Founder & Executive Chairman, BRICKX

Anthony Millet, CEO, BRICKX

Vincent Turner, CEO, uno

Jost Stollmann, CEO, Tyro Payments

Olga Oleinikova, Co-Founder & CEO, PERSOLLO

Chris Brycki, Founder & CEO, Stockspot

Mike Culhane, Co-Group CEO, Pepper Group

Brendan Malone, COO, Acorns Australia  

Clayton Howes, CEO & Co-Founder, MoneyMe Financial Group    

Loretta Joseph, Advisor, Sydney Stock Exchange

David Lawrence, COO, Sydney Stock Exchange

Martin McCann, CEO, TradeLedger

Toby Heap, Co-Founder, H2Ocean

Melissa Widner, General Partner, NAB Ventures

Edward Jones, Director, Neu.Capital

Darren Patterson, Managing Partner, Alchemy Ventures

David Jackson, Founder & CEO, FundX

Tim Brookes, Partner, Ashurst

Brad Delamare, CEO, Tank Stream Labs

Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth

Patrick Garrett, CEO, Six Park Asset Management

John O’Connell, Chief Investment Officer, Banking & Financial Services, Macquarie Group

Rick Klink, Executive Director, OpenMarkets Australia

Katryna Dow, Founder and CEO, Meeco

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